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Active PD makes it easy to automate, track and speed up the
employee feedback loop using agile HR practices

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Provide feedback faster with reviews

Regular reviews help create a two way dialogue with your employees, ensuring both you and they understand how to achieve the most at your company.

Employee timelines ensure the information is always accessible, helping track their career over time.

Because the information is in one place, finding and sharing information is simplified.

Illuminate the path with SMART goals

Using Active PD SMART goals, you can help develop and upskill your employees, leading to higher morale, retention, and productivity.

Ensure everyone is striving in the same direction by setting goals at the individual, team, and company level.

Measure progress with reporting

Gain insights into what every member of your team is striving for. Active PD reporting and analytics allows you to deep-dive into metrics such as employee hapiness, morale, goals and feedback.

Keep PD's up-to-date

With Active PD, updating employee Position Descriptions is just a click away. Automated notifications let your staff know when changes are made, ensuring they're always in the loop.

Create, copy, or import existing position descriptions with our simple and powerful suite of editing tools. Build visualizations to help convey how employees should be splitting their time.

Organize Your Teams

Segment your people into teams, giving more fine-grain control around goals, permissions and notifications. Follow the existing hierarchy of your company to manage your teams with ease.